K710 Lewis Auto-guard Locking Safety Knife


k710 lewis whole
k710 lewis auto-gaurd
k710 lewis easy blade change and storage
k710 lewis martego B10 Blade

Lewis K710 Locking Safety Knife features an automatic safety guard which immediately shuts after losing contact with the cutting surface. The blade can be fixed to a cut depth of either 1/4" or 3/4". Preloaded with (1) B10 Safety Blade.

  • Fixed Blade Design
  • Automatic Blade Gaurd
  • Easy Blade Change
  • Stores 5 Additional Blades
  • Lockable Blade
  • American Made

The K710 has received the prestigious European TUV safety certification. This stringent testing procedure checks not only for the functionality of the safety features but also the overall durability of the tool.

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Model(s): k710
Physical Weight: 0.23 lbs.
Product Types: Fixed Safety Knife
Handle Material: Fiberglass-reinforced Plastic
Blade Operation: Fixed
Application: Boxes, Corrugate, Plastic Strapping, Shrink-Wrap, Rubber, Leather, Posterboard
Cutting Depth: 9 mm
Replacement Blade: B10 Replacement Blades
Left/Right Hand: Ambidextrous
Handle Type: Curved
Handle Color: Black/Yellow