Ambient Air Pump A750, Rotary Vane


9821 ambient air pump a750

Portable & lightweight air source for one hood user, or up to two full or half face respirator users. Solid performance in applications such as painting, cleaning, sanding or chemical handling operations.

  • Rigid metal base & housing
  • Brass and galvanized steel plumbing
  • Quick-connect OBAC fitting
  • Adjustable brass pressure relief valve
  • Steel Handle
  • Powder coated blue

Warning: Ambient Air Pumps are not to be used with generators

Warning: Air inlet to the pump must be located where breathable air can be assured at all times



Manufacturer: Allegro
Item: Ambient Air Pump A750, Rotary Vane
Physical Weight: 53 lbs.
Parts: 9821
Product Types: Ambient Air Pump