SVE1 Class 2 High Visibility Economy Safety Vest


The Radwear SVE1 is a economical type R class 2 high visibility polyester safety vest which meets ANSI 107 compliance and offers standard protection against low light working conditions.



SV8 Class 2 High-vis Safety Vest


The Radians SV8 Class 2 High Visibility Safety Vest is a standard class 2 safety vest with two vivid reflective elements on both shoulders and waist.



Why Is High Visibility Apparel So Important?

High visibility workwear and apparel is an important precaution necessary to preserve the lives of those working in low visibility conditions. When other people cannot see you, they are much more likely to make mistakes. Speeding cars cannot avoid what they cannot see and same goes for heavy machinery on a dark jobsite. Don't be road kill, or another statistic and suit up with high visibility workwear and apparel and protect yourself from the unseen.

What Are The Benefits of High Visibility Apparel?

High Visibility Clothing and Apparel makes workers easy to spot and is a necessity for those who operate moving vehicles and equipment; especially in the cover of night. High Visibility clothing works to serve two purposes. They make the wearer as obviously vivid as possible to those around them. High Visible Fabric often comes in either neon orange or yellow and are usually outfit with highly reflective striping.

How Do I Choose What's Best For Me?

While purchasing high visibility apparel and workwear can be a daunting task with the large variety of options or numerous applications they are designed for; here at Applesafety strive to make purchasing you high visibility apparel as seamless as possible. High visibility clothing can be categorized as Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, or Class E. Each of these classes are best suited for a specific situation.

Class 1 High Visibility Clothing:

Class 1 High Visibility Workwear is suited best for low-risk situations. Those who are required to wear Class 1 High Visible Clothing typically work around slow-moving vehicles and have plenty of room between the job and traffic. Parking lot attendants and warehouse workers are examples of works that use Class 1 High Visibility Workwear.

Class 2 High Visibility Clothing:

Class 2 High Visibility Safety Clothing and Apparel are best suited for workers who regularly encounter and work around vehicles exceeding 25 MPH, harsh weather or other situations which might distract oncoming traffic. Railway workers, crossing guards and trashmen are good examples of workers who wear Class 2 High Visibility Workwear.

Class 3 High Visibility Clothing:

Class 3 High Visibility Workwear is for high-risk working hazards. Ideal for those who work around fast moving vehicles and heavy machinery. These garments ensure that those who wear them are obviously visible and remain visible throughout a wide range of body motions and environments. These garments are outfit with reflective striping on arms and legs, designed to reflect light and catch the eyes of those around them.

Class E High Visibility Clothing:

Class E is the highest class of High Visibility Workwear and Apparel. Combining both requirements of Class 2 and Class 3, along with a set of high visibility pants for enhances conspicuous at night. Nighttime highway construction workers and first responders commonly use these garments as they work.