Explosion‐Proof Blower


The “9503 Explosion Proof Blower” is engineered with a sleek and efficient design, allowing for easy use and storage without inhibiting airflow. Two 8” (20.3cm) ports provide powerful air regulation or fume extraction.



Explosion‐Proof Blower


The “9505 - Gasoline Blower” is perfect for remote locations where electricity isn’t a viable option. This model is engineered with two 8” ports that can offer positive ventilation or fume extraction.



Allegro Confined Space 8" AC Axial Blower with Canister


The “8” AC Axial Blower with Canister & Ducting” has been engineered with convenience in mind, this 8” axial blower is an all-in-one ventilation system. This model is designed to allow the ducting to collapse into a built-in canister for easy storage.



16” Standard Blower


Perfect for applications requiring a large amount of output, the “9515 - 16” Standard Blower” has been engineered to push or pull large volumes of air, very quickly. This model houses a ½ HP Motor, spinning six glass reinforced



Plastic Compaxial Blower, AC, 8"


The “9533 Plastic COM-PLAX-IAL Blower” is the smallest and lightest in the industry. The 1/3 HP Electric Motor is compact and silent, while spinning nine polypropylene blades all contained within a UV and Chemical Resistant housing with chrome plated grill.



Air Bag Blower System


The “9535 Air Bag Blower System” is a metal blower system with ducting built into a heavy duty polyester bag for a complete, tidy and easy to use all-in-one system. The unit is designed with zippered ends that allow blower usage without the hassle of removing the blower.



Venturi Blower


The “9518 Venturi Blowers” are the perfect solution to moving air in large building, refineries, shipyard and manhole operations. Easily remove fumes that may be poisonous, explosive or hazardous. These blowers are also great for cooling workers in elevated temperatures or in heavy equipment.