Facility Safety
Horizontal Mezzanine Gate

The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate (MGH) improves material handling workflow, opening and closing as needed. This gate can be operated manually or electronically and is guaranteed to protect personnel from accidental falls and injury.

Custom Finishes Available. Give us a call.

Designed to meet federal OSHA standard 1910.23 (a) (2) for dimension and loading.

This product cannot be shipped UPS. It ships 'knocked down' via LTL carrier only. Please Call or Email us for a freight quotation. Freight charges will be added to the order total.

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10lbs of force is all thats required to manually slide. This product is available in Manual, Electric and Pneumatic for spark less enviorments. The Horizontal Mezzanine gate is perfect for material handling, simply forklift your materials to your mezzanine, manually or electronically open the mezzaine gate, drop off the materials and go. While not in use, this product doubles as a safety rail and keeps your personnel safe from accidental falls.
The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate comes with a variety of options and operations to fix your exact needs. The Horizontal Mezzanine gate is offered in manual operation, or electric. Lift the level and slide the gate, its as simple as that!. If you go for the the electric option, the Horizontal Mezzanine gate can be opened with the touch of a button, pull or a cord even via remote control.

Once your material has been delivered, close the gate and protect your personnel of the mezzanine edge. The Horizontal Mezzaine Gate offers the same level protection as a safety railing, but with the added utility of opening manually or electronically for safe material delivery to the floor up.
At only 42", The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate is Perfect for elevated platforms with limited headroom.
The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate is available in Safety Powder Powder Coat Yellow (PCY) and 304L Stainless Steel. Custom finishes/sizing available, Give us a Call.

If you have any questions, please dont hesitate to Contact us. We are available via Email or Phone.

Additional Features

  • Streamline material handling work flow
  • Slides open and close, allowing you to move material to and from a elevated working platform
  • Opens by manual or automatic operation.
  • 42” highgate, mid-rail and 4” Safety Toeboard
  • Ideal for mezzanines with limited headroom
  • Efficient mezzanine access that won't let you down.
  • Stylish Powder Coat Yellow finish
  • Includes durable Stainless Steel Torsion springs mounted within the hinge assembly
  • “High-Impact Bumpers” protect material and equipment.
  • Includes adjustable crossbar, providing amazing stability.
  • Includes required hardware for easy installation.
SKU: mgh-048
Product Name: Horizontal Mezzanine Gate
Manufacturer: PS Doors
Brand: PS Safety Access
Dimensions: L:(42") x W:(48")
Weight per unit: 200 lbs
Finish: Powder Coat Yellow / 304L Stainless Steel
Country of Origin USA
ANSI Approved: No
OSHA Approved: Yes
Warranty: Limited one year manufacturer warranty. Must be used in accordance with the manufacturers installation instructions. See manufacturer for all detailed warranty information.
Weather Resistant: Yes
Rust Resistant: Yes
  • What is the lead time on this product?
  • Standard lead time; 1-2 Weeks.

  • How easily does this gate slide open manually?
  • The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate requires approximently 10lbs of force to open or close manually.

  • What OSHA Standards does this gate meet?
  • The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate complies with railing requirements in OSHA 1910.23.

  • Is this product electrically operated?
  • The Horizontal Mezzanine Gate comes in a Manual and Electric Model. The manual model is easy to operate and only requires about 10lbs of pressure to open. The electrical model, features a wide array of options such as; radio control kits, ceiling pull kits and a photoeye kit.

  • Installation time?
  • The average installation time is approximately 2-3 hours for a team of two.