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Rigid Arm Magnetic Base Machine Shields


Also available is a 12″ extruded-aluminum arm extension. This arm can be cut to a shorter length if required for your application.

ANSI B-11.6, ANSI B-11.89

  • Protects Personnel
  • High Impact Shield
  • Versitile Mounting

Frequently Asked Questions

These versatile On-Off magnet-base shields can be used on lathes, drills, mills, grinders, or any equipment that has a flat, ferrous mounting surface. Protects the operator and nearby personnel from flying sparks, swarf and debris.
These shields are made up of a high-impact-resistant, 3/16" thick clear polycarbonate. Hand selected for its demonstrated toughness under extreme impact.

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These shields can be attached to any ferrous surface on the machine by an 80-lb. pull magnetic base. If a flat, smooth, ferrous surface is not available, a mounting plate (3 1/2″ x 4 5/8″) is also included.


Part Number Description Price Weight
CBS-1c1 6" x 8" Flat Shield, 8" Arm 15 lbs.
CBS-1c1b 6" x 8" Flat Shield, 8" Arm with 12" Extension