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Drill Press & Milling Machine Shields


The impact-resistant, 3/16-inch-thick clear polycarbonate shield provides visibility to the point of operation. These chip shields adjust and lock in any vertical position.

ANSI B-11.6, ANSI B-11.89

  • Protects Personnel
  • High Impact Shield
  • Ideal for Drill Presses & Milling Machine
  • Versatile Mounting Options

Frequently Asked Questions

These quality constructed Safety Chip Shields provide the operator protection against flying chips, coolant and high-speed rotating parts. Perfect for small drill presses, milling machines and can be mounted directly, or magnetically.
These shields are made up of a high-impact-resistant, 3/16" thick clear polycarbonate. Hand selected for its demonstrated toughness under extreme impact.

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The shield can be attached to any ferrous surface on the machine by an 80-lb. pull, 3 1/4-inch diameter magnetic base. If a flat, smooth, ferrous surface is not available, a 3 1/4-inch x 5 1/4-inch mounting plate is also furnished with each shield.

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All Purpose Machine Shields, Ball-and-Socket Flexible Arms


Item: Drill Press & Milling Machine Shields
Manufacturer: Rockford
Type: All Purpose
Shield Type: Drill Press Machine Shield
Arm Type: 14-1/2-inch PVC Arm
Shield Material: High-Impact-Resistant, 3/16”-Thick Clear polycarbonate
Weight 8 lbs.
Standards: ANSI B-11.6, ANSI B-11.8


Part Number Description Price Weight
KYL-001 5 x 9-inch Drill Press Shield with 14-1/2-inch PVC Arm 8 lbs.
KYL-055 5 x 11-inch Drill Press Shield with 18-inch Aluminum Arm 8 lbs.