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Aluminum Ladder Safety Gates

PS Doors Self Closing Ladder Swing Gate

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The Ladder Safety Gate is a self-closing swing gate and is:

The gate arm is dimensioned to provide maximum opening coverage. The top-rail and bottom-rail are spaced to match the standard railing dimensions required by Federal OSHA.

Our standard uniiversal hinge assembly is versatile, fitting various railing types up to 2" O.D. or flat surface mounting. For railings which are larger or uniquely shaped, contact us, we are able to provide an adapter kit to fit many railing sizes. The self-closing feature employs two (2) Stainless Steel Torsion Springs. Each gate is capable of universal swing direction. Simply invert gate for opposite swing direction.

Installation is easy. The Ladder Swing Gate comes fully assembled and is easily installed with a u-bolt assembly.  Requires only one 1/2" wrench and 5 minutes of your time for installation.

The Ladder Safety Gate comes in 7 nominal sizes and is adjustable laterally up to 3-3/4" (-1-1/4" to +2-1/2" of nominal size) to ensure the gate fits properly in your opening for maximum safety. Finishing choices below:

Aluminum Ladder Safety Gates
Model Fits Opening Weight Our Price  
LSG-18-ALU 16-3/4" - 20-1/2" 11 lbs. $232.00
LSG-21-ALU 19-3/4 - 23-1/2" 11 lbs. $234.00
LSG-24-ALU 22-3/4" - 26-1/2" 12 lbs. $236.00
LSG-27-ALU 25-3/4" - 29-1/2" 12 lbs. $238.00
LSG-30-ALU 28-3/4" - 32-1/2" 13 lbs. $244.00
LSG-33-ALU 31-3/4" - 35-1/2" 13 lbs. $246.00
LSG-36-ALU 34-3/4" - 38-1/2" 14 lbs. $248.00
501659LSG Torsion Spring Kit 1 lbs. $7.49