Facility Safety
Ladder Safety Gate Installation

Please follow these steps to ensure your Ladder Safety Gate is installed correctly.

Ladder Safety Gates protect your employees from accidental falls from anywhere there is a opening in your safety railing system.

Tools Required:

  1. Tape Measure
  2. ½” Wrench or Drill socket
  3. Your Ladder Safety Gate

Time Required: ~5 Minutes

Measure your railway opening

  1. Start from the inside of the left-hand rail.
  2. Measure until you reach the inside of the right-hand rail.
  3. Write down your number and ensure that measurement falls within the "Opening Size" range of your Ladder Safety Gate Model.

For Example, this railway measures to be 18½”. The LSG-18 (which fits openings from 16-3/4” to 20-1/2″) would be the gate for you. All Ladder Safety Gates are Adjustable up to 3¾”.

Attach your Ladder Safety Gate hinges to your piping.

All Ladder Safety Gates Include the follow hardware (Models LSG-15 - LSG-36)

  • Two (2) U-Bolts
  • Four (4) Washers
  • Four (4) Nuts
  • Four (4) Black end caps
  1. Place U-bolt throught Ladder Safety Gate hinge
  2. Attach washer
  3. Hand Tighten.
  4. Repeat for each hinge.

Is it even?

Make sure your Ladder Safety Gate is even with the top of the rail system you are attaching to.

Tighten the gate.

Now, using your drill or wrench; tighten the mounting hardware and ensure the Gate is securely attached to the railing.

Place the back end caps on the U-Bolts

Installation Complete!