Facility Safety
LSGF - Full-height Ladder Safety Gate

$464.00 – $512.00

The Full Height Ladder Safety Gate (LSG) is a self-closing swing gate that is proven to greatly reduce the risk of accidental falls from elevated platforms, ladderways or anywhere there is a gap in your safety rail system.

The LSGF features (2) - 42” rails and a 5” safety toeboard for just a bit more protection.

Product includes the ‘standard mounting hardware’ which allows installation to “Round Pipe (2” O.D or less” and “Square Tubing (1.5” x 1.5” or less).

The LSGF ships fully assembled and is designed to fit almost any existing railing system.

Installation is easy - done in only minutes, all that's required is a ratchet with ½” deep well socket.

Engineered and tested to comply with the Ladder Safety Gate requirements in OSHA 1910.23, as well as ANSI A1264.1-2007, A14.3-2008 and MH28.3-2009

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Model Size of Opening Weight Price Finish
LSGF-18 16-3/4" - 20-1/2" 38 lbs. $511.00
LSGF-21 19-3/4" - 23-1/2" 39 lbs. $520.00
LSGF-24 22-3/4" - 26-1/2" 39 lbs. $528.00
LSGF-27 25-3/4" - 29-1/2" 40 lbs. $537.00
LSGF-30 28-3/4" - 32-1/2" 41 lbs. $546.00
LSGF-33 31-3/4" - 35-1/2" 41 lbs. $555.00
LSGF-36 34-3/4" - 38-1/2" 42 lbs. $564.00

- Meets OSHA and ANSI railing standards.

- Features durable Stainless Steel Torsion Springs, Guaranteeing this product a long service life.

- Features a standard universal hinge assembly which allows for fitting various types of railing up to 2” O.D and flat mounting surfaces.

- Always stays secure and in place.

- Universal swing direction.

- Quick Installation

- ANSI / OSHA Compliant

- Industry Leading Personnel Fall Protection Equipment

  • What is the lead time on my LSGF - Full-height Ladder Safety Gate?
  • Orders ship same or next day.

  • What size do I need?
  • Measuring for your new Ladder Safety Gate is simple.

    1. Start from the inside of the left-hand rail.
    2. Measure until you reach the inside of the right-hand rail.
    3. Write down your number and ensure that measurement falls within the "Opening Size" range of your Ladder Safety Gate Model.
    4. For example, a rail opening size of 21-1/2" would call for the LSG-21 (Which fits an opening size of 19-3/4" - 23-1/2")

  • Do I need to order an Adapter Bracket?
  • No, an adapter bracket is optional but please consider the following; before ordering your Ladder Safety Gate.

    Adapter Brackets are usually used when you cannot use standard gate mount hardware or when you dont want to drill into your existing railing system.

    What kind of railing are we mounting to?

    Large Pipe or Square Tubing?

    • We define "Large Pipe" as 'round pipe 2" - 3.75" O.D. (outside diameter)'
    • "Square Tubing" is defined as Tubing 1.5" x 1.5" - 3" x 3" O.D. and obviously, square.
    • If your railing meets either of these conditions, We recommend you checkout the LSG-LP-2204 Adapter

    Angle Iron?

    • We define "Angle Iron" as railing consisting of pieces of steel with an L-shaped cross-section, able to be bolted together.
    • Our adapter supports Angle Iron up to 3.75″ and .25″ max thickness
    • If your railing meets either of these conditions, We recommend you checkout the LSG-FB-2205 Adapter

    Flat Bar?

    • We define "Flat Bar" as railing that is very thin, and has a max width of 4".
    • For "Flat Bar" Railings that meet these requirements, Checkout the LSG-AC-2206 Adapter
  • How do I install this Ladder Safety Gate?
  • Click for Installation Directions
  • Is this Ladder Safety Gate self-closing?
  • Yes the LSGF - Full-height Ladder Safety Gate is self-closing. Guaranteed to securly stay in place and promises extreme durability and long life potential.

  • What OSHA / ANSI safety standards are covered by this Ladder Safety Gate?
  • The LSG is engineered to comply with requirements in OSHA 1910.23, as well as ANSI A1264.1-2007, A14.3-2008 and MH28.3-2009.

  • Can this Ladder Safety Gate be mounted for both swing directions?
  • Yes it can, simply flip the gate to invert swing direction.

  • Can this Ladder Safety Gate be surface mounted?
  • Yes absolutely, the Ladder Safety Gate ships fully assembled and includes standard mounting hardware for round pipe (up to 2” O.D.), square tubing (up to 1.5” x 1.5” O.D.) and flat surface mounting.