100050 - Foam Adhesive Safety Strip, 36 x 4 in. Striped, 5/Pack


100050 - Foam Safety Strip, Striped
Industrial Safety, 100050
Personel Protection, 100050
100050, Shelf Protection
100050, Stairs Protection
100050, Head Protection

These safety strips are perfect for minimizing the potential for workplace injury. Available in both solid and striped yellow, as well as 2” and 4” options. Made for a indoor or out, a variety of climates, temperatures and environments.

  • Minimizes potential work place injury
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive allows for readjustment
  • Strong, long lasting stick
  • Eye catching yellow
  • Available in both 2" and 4" widths
  • Can be used indoor and outs, in a variety of differant tempuratures and environments
  • Ideal edge protection
$93.45 $98.95


Adhesive: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Color: Striped, Black / Yellow
Install Type: Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Item: Industrial Foam Safety Strip
Dimensions: 36" x 4" x 3/8"
Model: 100050
Physical Weight: 5 lbs.
Product Styles: Bump Protection
Product Types: Foam Safety Strip