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SB004 - Safety Maker Safety Boot Temporary Guardrail System. 4 Pack.

SB004 - Safety Boot Guardrail System. 4 Pack.
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Make your work place safe as required by OSHA by installing the Safety Boot Guardrail System on every multilevel job site. Providing and maintaining guardrail systems on job sites is the responsibility of the prime contractor/builder even if all construction work is subcontracted.

The reusable Safety Boot allows you to quickly construct freestanding railings for stairways, ramps, walkways, balconies and/or roofs. Utilizing job site tools, specified fasteners and construction grade 2X4s, the durable Safety Boot Guardrail System is the most cost effective solution for temporary railings. And, since the Safety Boot requires no bracing, the Safety Boot Guardrail System can remain in place throughout construction, including drywall!

Two 2X4s are inserted into the center core to form a rigid post. No bracing is needed. The Safety Boot anchors securely in most subfloor structures with standard power tools and fasteners. (The type of specified fastener is determined by subfloor material.) Built-in flanges allow toeboards to be inserted without using fasteners. Toeboards, which are required by OSHA, can be lifted out temporarily to bring up material and for clean-up. When the permanent railings are installed, each Safety Boot, with post attached, can be removed easily for use at another construction site.

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