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Protect valuable equipment and materials with DBI/SALA's sturdy, self-contained backup load arrestors. In the event of primary support failure, this product is designed and engineered to stop a freefalling load.


Product Details

The DBI-SALA™ line of Load Arrestors™ are backup supports that are engineered to arrest the unintentional fall of machinery or other heavy objects. In the event of an accidental fall, the load arrestor’s “inertia locking mechanism” will engage and save the object from smashing the ground.

Additional Features

  • Protects valuable equipment and materials from hitting the ground.
  • Features an extremely durable, and abrasion resistant Galvanised Cable,guaranteeing a long product life.
  • Features “Energy Absorbing System” which offers added safety and security for attached equipment and personnel alike.
  • The DBI-SALA™ line of Load Arrestors™ are very easy to install and the entire lifeline is store within the housing for added security.
  • This product features an “Inertia Activated Brake” absorbs energy and stops the fall within centimetres.
  • This product is a Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL), automatically extending and retracting as equipment moves toward or away from the device, keeping the line tight at all times.
  • This device is made of a heavy-duty rugged cast aluminum housing, engineered to withstand a long life of abuse.


SKU: 3700801
Manufacturer: DBI-SALA®
Brand: Load Arrestor™
Size: 13ft (3.9m)
iSafe Equipped: No
Lifeline Travel Length: 13ft (3.9m)
Lifeline Type: Galvanised Cable
Physical Dimensions: 20.30 x 11.40 x 16.40 (cm)
Physical Weight: 10.80 kg (23.8lbs)
Product Styles: With Pulley
Product Types: 800 kg Capacity
Standards: Tested on behalf of DBI-SALA by National Engineering Laboratory (Glascow)