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Welding Supplies

Weldas STEERSOtuff® Rod Bag−5 lb. Capacity


  • Made from premium side split cowhide for strength and durability.
  • Designed to withstand tough work environments.
  • Features reinforced bottom and spring clip for mounting/attaching the rod carrier.
  • This rod carrier can hold up to 5 lbs. of electrodes.
  • Sizing

Weldas STEERSOtuff® Leather Cape Sleeve


  • Features secure and easy snap system for the bib.
  • Constructed with 5-ply Kevlar thread
  • Riveted stress points
  • Double leather-reinforced snaps and a cotton sateen collar
  • Brown
  • Sizing


Weldas STEERSOtuff® 30″ Leather Welding Jacket


  • High-quality, 30" leather jacket has a lined shoulder and upper sleeve and a cotton sateen collar.
  • Features 100% double lock-stitching with high-strength and heat-resistant 5-ply Kevlar thread.
  • All stress points are riveted and snaps are double leather-reinforced.
  • Includes all-leather inner pocket
  • Sizing


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Bib Apron


  • Provides even weight distribution with self-balancing strap system.
  • Double lock-stitching with 5-ply Kevlar thread for durability.
  • All stress points are riveted, snaps are double-leather reinforced.
  • Features an accessory pocket and dual metal D-rings at the waist.
  • Premium Side Split Cowhide
  • Sizing


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Split Leg Bib Apron


  • Split-leg leather apron offers even weight distribution for wearer comfort.
  • Double-stitched with Kevlar thread for durability.
  • Features riveted stress points, double leather-reinforced snaps, dual metal D-rings at the waist and accessory pocket.
  • Thigh, knee and leg straps are all adjustable.
  • One Size Fits Most (40″ Waist Max)
  • Premium Side Split Cowhide
  • Sizing


Weldas STEERSOtuff 40″ Chaps



    Leather chaps are made from tough, side-split cowhide, 40" in length, and fitted with adjustable snap fasteners for the waist, thigh, knee and leg straps.

  • Double lock stitched leather seams
  • 5-ply High Strength KEVLAR® thread
  • Stress points are reinforced with double leather or metal rivets.
  • Premium Side Split Cowhide
  • One Size Fits All - (40" Max Waist")
  • Sizing

Weldas STEERSOtuff® 14″ Leggings


  • STEERSOtuff® Leggings are designed for comfort and complete protection.
  • Features Velcro® fasteners which ensure a secure fit for various leg and shoe sizes.
  • Stiffened cowhide shoe top cover offers round contour and allows spatter to easily roll-off
  • T90 5 ply Kevlar Double stitching
  • Riveted stress points for extra durability.
  • Length 14"
  • Side Split Cowhide
  • Sizing

Tillman 6320 Flame Retardeat Cotton Jacket


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Maintains flame resistance for up to 50 home washings at 145°F or 25 commercial washings up to 165°F
  • Made from flame-retardant, 100% (9 oz.) cotton, Westex Proban® FR7A®.
  • Features snap fasteners.
  • Offers protection from sudden flame exposure and sparks.
  • Sizing


Weldas STEERSOtuff® 24″ Waist Apron


  • Top-quality leather waist apron features Weldas® quick-release buckle and adjustable sliders and divider.
  • Comfortable
  • Heat Resistant
  • Extremely Durable
  • Sizing