Welding Supplies


Adflo PAPR High Efficiency System

Compact, lightweight system with NiMH battery, high efficiency particulate filter and so much more!


Monogoggle XTR

Features cylindrical-shaped lens for extended visibility and lightweight design that protects against chemical splashes, dust and impact.


Jackson Welding Goggles

Each goggle utilizes IRUV shade 5 filter lens and is built to offer long-lasting performance.


EQC Series Welding Helmets

Welding helmets with NexGen EQC® feature (4) sensors in a staggered design and soft touch controls.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Rod Bag−5 lb. Capacity

Features reinforced bottom and spring clip for mounting/attaching the rod carrier.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Leather Cape Sleeve

Features secure and easy snap system for the bib.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® 30″ Leather Welding Jacket

Features 100% double lock-stitching with high-strength and heat-resistant 5-ply Kevlar thread.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Bib Apron

Features an accessory pocket and dual metal D-rings at the waist.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® Split Leg Bib Apron

Features riveted stress points, double leather-reinforced snaps, dual metal D-rings at the waist and accessory pocket.


Weldas STEERSOtuff 40″ Chaps

Leather chaps are made from tough, side-split cowhide, 40" in length, and fitted with adjustable snap fasteners for the waist, thigh, knee and leg straps.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® 14″ Leggings

STEERSOtuff® Leggings are designed for comfort and complete protection.


Weldas STEERSOtuff® 24″ Waist Apron

Top-quality leather waist apron features Weldas® quick-release buckle and adjustable sliders and divider.


Weldas Golden Brown™ Cape Sleeve

Cape sleeves are made with high-quality, golden-brown leather which is comfortable, heat-resistant and durable.


Weldas Golden Brown™ 30″ Jacket

Golden-brown leather jacket designed to withstand tough welding environment, providing the wearer long-lasting protection.


Weldas COMFOflex®

Weldas Top Selling, Best Welding Glove Line.


Flame-Retardant Jackets

Maintains flame resistance for up to 50 home washings at 145°F or 25 commercial washings up to 165°F


Tillman TIG 1328

Top grain goatskin leather enhances feel and durability.


Tillman 750

Tillman's most famous stick welding glove. Preferred by pipeline welders across America.


Tillman 850

Gold Elkskin version of the top selling 750 stick glove


Tillman MIG 1350

Heavy duty top grain cowhide MIG welding gloves.


Tillman TIG 24C

Tillman's #1 selling TIG glove

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Tillman TIG 24D

Shorter cuff version of the 24C, America's #1 selling premium TIG glove.


Tillman TIG 25B

Lock-stitched with Kevlar thread for added strength.


Tillman TIG 30

Extremely comfortable TIG Gloves


Welding Safety and Cover

Clear polycarbonate plates fit directly over welding filter plates to protect from weld spatter.



Gold see-thru welding curtain is made of heavy-duty transparent vinyl to provide excellent protection from UV radiation and blue light.



Spectra curtain exhibits good visibility, minimizing arc glare and reflecting usable light back into the work area.


Wilson Stud-D Screen - 6'x6' Single Panel Frame

Free-standing Stur-D-Screen product line offers strength and durability for industrial applications.