Why Drop Prevention Matters

Drop prevention solutions by Python Safety are designed with the craft in mind, and are third-party tested in the harshest possible conditions. Learn more about our comprehensive collection of tool lanyards, tool holsters, tool belts, and our other fine drop prevention products.

Attachment Points

Python Safety - Attachment Points

Attachment points from Python Safety make it possible to tether any tool in a matter of moments without defacing or modifying the tool.


Python Safety - Pouches

Python Safety tool pouches are built specifically to prevent dropped objects. Tool pouches are available in a number of variations allowing for use in any craft.

Spill Control Buckets

Python Safety - Spill Control Buckets

Only Python Safety designs buckets specifically for drop prevention.. All safety buckets are engineered with a built in closure system that helps prevent dropped tools and objects.

Tool Belts

Tool belts from Python Safety are designed with tool drop prevention in mind. All Python Safety tool belts are compatible with Python Safety belt loops such as the BELT-DRLOOP and BELT-TRLOOP allowing for greater customization.

Tool Holsters

Python Safety - Tool Holsters

Tool holsters from Python Safety comfortably accommodate hand tools in a compact, user friendly design that is loaded with innovative product features.

Tool Lanyards / Tethers

Python Safety - Tool Lanyards / Tethers

Python Safety designs tool lanyards and tethers suitable for virtually any tool. Hard hats, radios, hand tools, even tools weighing up to 80 lbs.


Python Safety - Wristbands

Safety wristbands from Python Safety are designed specifically for tool drop prevention and to facilitate work at height. A number of tool lanyards are compatible with Python Safety wristbands.