Hand Protection
Leather Palm / Drivers

Economy Shoulder Split Leather


  • Ideal for general purpose applications requiring abrasion protection combined with the breathability of leather and cotton.


Mustang Work Gloves


  • Grain cowhide leather and cotton work gloves.
  • Naturally suited for wet or insulated conditions.
  • Useful in general-purpose applications requiring abrasion protection.
  • Features leather palms.
  • Sewn with Kevlar for extra strength and durability.


Grain Cow Leather Drivers Gloves


  • Unlined drivers gloves feature full regular grade leather with slip-on cuffs.
  • Keystone thumb.
  • Ideal for general purpose applications requiring exceptional dexterity.


Goatskin Drivers Gloves


  • Drivers gloves made from grain kid goatskin offer exceptional comfort and durability.
  • Straight thumb and shirred elastic back for a snug fit.
  • Goatskin's softness provides an improved sense of touch.
  • Ideal for a wide variety of work applications.


Pigskin Drivers Gloves


  • Tough, versatile drivers gloves.
  • Pigskin offers a high resistance to abrasion and dries soft.
  • Design offers a close, snug fit for comfortable hand protection.
  • Durability makes it the ideal choice for general purpose use.

Premium Pigskin Work Gloves


  • Rugged work gloves made from pliable, top grain pigskin.
  • 3" safety cuffs provide additional coverage and protection.

Deerskin Drivers Gloves


  • Deerskin driving gloves offer extremely comfortable hand protection.
  • Useful in a variety of work conditions.
  • Features a full grain deerskin palm with double leather construction and Kevlar stitching.
  • Designed for comfort and long-lasting performance.


Gray Leather Palm Work Gloves


  • Constructed of shoulder split cowhide for unmatched durability.
  • Striped cotton back with elastic band provides a comfortable and snug fit.
  • Rubberized, 2 1/2" safety cuff provides added protection by keeping debris out of the glove.

Charcoal Leather Palm Work Gloves


  • Heavy-duty leather palm work gloves constructed of durable shoulder split cowhide.
  • Patched double palm is fleece cotton lined to provide an added layer of comfort and protection.
  • Striped, canvas back with elastic band and 3" rubberized safety cuff offers a snug fit.

Double Palm Work Gloves


  • Double palm work gloves feature durable, pliable side split cowhide.
  • Yellow canvas back with elastic band and 3" rubberized safety cuff keeps the glove snug and in place.
  • Fleece, cotton-lined, double leather, 2-piece palm construction offers durability and protection against wear.

Premium Deerskin Drivers Gloves


  • Comfortable and durable drivers gloves constructed from full grain deerskin.
  • Offers a close, snug fit for comfortable hand protection.


Grain Cowhide Leather Gloves

  • High-quality cowhide drivers offer good abrasion resistance and thermal protection.
  • Gunn cut with straight thumb.