ProFlex® 400 Universal Wrist Wrap


  • Cost Effective
  • Universal design features economical single closure for moderate support.
  • Durable woven elastic improves wearability, and hook and loop closure quickly adjusts to the desired tension and exact fit.
  • Ambidextrous.


ProFlex® 910 Impact Gloves w/Wrist Support


  • Half-finger design allows for optimal function.
  • Akton visco-elastic polymer dampens shock and impact.
  • Patented Open-Center Stay limits wrist movement and pressure on the median nerve.
  • Anti-bacterial treated neoprene knuckle pad provides comfort.


Classic Terry Black Gel


  • Constructed from top quality genuine leather, plus Visco-Elastic Polyurethane Polymer (V.E.P.P.) gel inserts.
  • Effectively dampen and attenuate harmful vibrations, shield, absorb and dissipate repeated impacts and shocks, and reduce the risk of white finger syndrome.
  • Terry back gloves also absorb perspiration.
  • V.E.P.P. gel vibration and impact protection covers palm, index finger and lower thumb.
  • Sizing