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Allegro 9503 - Explosion‐Proof Blower

9503 - Explosion‐Proof Blower

SKU: 9503

List Price: $1,895.00

Price: $1,592.00

  • The “9503 Explosion Proof Blower” is engineered with a sleek and efficient design, allowing for easy use and storage without inhibiting airflow. Two 8” (20.3cm) ports provide powerful air regulation or fume extraction.
Allegro 9505 - Explosion‐Proof Blower

Allegro 9505 - Explosion‐Proof Blower

SKU: 9505

List Price: $1,106.00

Price: $915.40

  • The “9505 - Gasoline Blower” is perfect for remote locations where electricity isn’t a viable option. This model is engineered with two 8” ports that can offer positive ventilation or fume extraction.
9514 - Allegro Confined Space AC Axial Blower with Canister

9514 - Allegro Confined Space 8" AC Axial Blower with Canister

SKU: 9514

List Price: $712.00

Price: $630.65

  • The “8” AC Axial Blower with Canister & Ducting” has been engineered with convenience in mind, this 8” axial blower is an all-in-one ventilation system. This model is designed to allow the ducting to collapse into a built-in canister for easy storage.

9515 - 16” Standard Blower

SKU: 9515

List Price: $1,071.00

Price: $857.95

  • Perfect for applications requiring a large amount of output, the “9515 - 16” Standard Blower” has been engineered to push or pull large volumes of air, very quickly. This model houses a ½ HP Motor, spinning six glass reinforced Polypropylene blades.
9533 Plastic Compaxial Blower, AC, 8

9533 Plastic Compaxial Blower, AC, 8"

SKU: 9533

List Price: $289.00

Price: $229.95

  • The “9533 Plastic COM-PLAX-IAL Blower” is the smallest and lightest in the industry. The 1/3 HP Electric Motor is compact and silent, while spinning nine polypropylene blades all contained within a UV and Chemical Resistant housing with chrome plated grill.
Allegro Industries Air Bag Blower System

Allegro Industries Air Bag Blower System

SKU: Description Price
9535-08 Allegro Industries 8" Air Bag Blower System $409.95
9535-12 Allegro Industries 12" Air Bag Blower System $574.28
Allegro Industries Air Bag Blower System

Allegro Industries, Venturi Blower

SKU: Description Price
9518-03 Alegro Industries, 9518-03 Small Venturi Blower $249.95
9518-06 Alegro Industries, 9518-06 Medium Venturi Blower $359.95