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R.E.A.D.I. Pac™ 

R-E-A-D-I PAC (Rapid Emergency Aid Delivery Individual Pac)
R-E-A-D-I PAC™ (Rapid Emergency Aid Delivery Individual Pac)


All bleeding must be controlled as soon as possible. Direct pressure is the first and most effective method to control bleeding. This packet includes (1) Sterile ABD and (1) pair of sterile gloves.

When the First Aid Kit is empty or your kit is a distance away, this packet will be at your immediate reach.

This packet can be attached to the inside of your Hard Hat, Lunch Box, Ball Cap, Military Helmet, Hiking Pak, Automobile or even kept safely in your pocket. Self Stick package is designed with a peel off backing. Tear packet open, apply gloves and apply pad to wound until help arrives. Standard Package 12/Bx.

Our Price: $4.29

R.E.A.D.I. Pac Contents